How I learned to love my audience, see them for what they are and transform my clients’ communication.

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Get me out of here!

It’s 2.01pm on December 26th 1987.

I am standing in the dark wearing what looks like a cross between a Cossack dance costume and the offcuts from Duran Duran’s

I can hear people talking twenty feet away.

In front of me is a small red light.

In one…

Why ‘perfect’ might be your biggest enemy in a pitch.

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I’d rather fail in front of the client.

Back in 2004 I was coaching a pitch team in London.

It was a Tuesday morning and they were about to do a rehearsal to their leadership in preparation for the final presentation that Friday.

The project manager came running up to me in the corridor.

‘David,’ he said. ‘I’m…


Once Upon a Time In my Dreams….

Although arguably stylistically different in the little details, the wonderfully uplifting ‘The Day After The Marrow’ shares an overall charm and whimsy to some of Mike Leigh’s more sanguine work, e.g., …

“Who, or what, is Barry?”

Urgent, tense, and echoing disturbing notions of ‘brainwashing’ and ‘conspiracy’ associated with early Polanski, Godard, or the novels of Len Deighton, The Tasmaniacs deliver yet another masterpiece of altered-Kierkegaardian angst.

It is perhaps curious, too, that during his time as a freelance writer, Terrence…

David Pullan

I am Chief Story Spotter at . I also make improvised films at The Tasmaniacs.

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